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How it works.

ClearSpace helps you focus your time on things that matter, so you spend less time scrolling on addictive websites and more time doing meaningful things like meditating, exercising, reading, and connecting.

Distracting Sessions Avoided
Minutes Saved Per Week
The Difference

From work to play, we are all spending more time online than ever before. But with so many distractions, it's hard to focus on what's important. ClearSpace makes a tangible difference in our users lives by eliminating distractions.

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Our users love us.

Our users love us because we give them their time back. See for yourself the effect it's had on our users.

This is re-wiring my brain - in the best way... Everything online feels calmer. I feel calmer. Install it.

Josh PetersonClearSpace user

Extremely effective. Frustrated at the time you waste online? This is the answer.

Charlotte GBClearSpace user

Clean and simple. Another great product from the Clearspace brand. Love that I don't see a bunch of junk when I go to youtube.

Nicholas Charles LandolfiClearSpace user

Oh wow pretty amazing how much this helps me fight the urge to aimlessly browse social media throughout the day!

Kevin HuangClearspace user

Super easy way for me to use the best parts of YouTube and Twitter without getting dragged into the distracting parts from my feed.

Andrew RobinsonClearSpace user